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Aliens & Predator Toys


These toys are from my personal collection or extras I have picked up in trades over the years. For the most part, they are in mint condition, though I have not looked at some of them in awhile. If you have any questions, please email!

All toys are $10.00 each except as noted
All toys are in box or figures are on card unless noted as loose.
All toys are one-of-a-kind unless noted with (#), indicating how many copies are available.

Sorry, I have no way of doing pictures at this time. :(

Items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping cost starts at $4.00. Specific quotes will be given on a per order basis. Toys will be well packed in sturdy boxes. Insurance is your option and is $2.00. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items that are not insured. Payment can be made using Paypal, Money Order or Check. Paypal and Money Orders will ship ASAP. Check orders will ship when check clears.

Glenn Beine
PO Box 3366
Parker, CO 80134

Please email before sending payment to make sure I still have the items you want.

Aliens & Predator Toys

Alien Resurrection $10 each
  • Warrior Alien
  • Aqua Alien
  • Ripley
  • Battle Scarred Alien
  • Newborn Alien
Aliens $10 each
  • Ripley (3)
  • Bull Alien (KB repaint)
  • Rhino Alien (KB repaint)
  • Alien Queen (2)
  • Alien Queen (on foreign card with trading card) (2)
  • Warrior Alien (KB repaint)
  • Snake Alien (KB repaint)
  • Mantis Alien (KB repaint)
  • Gorilla Alien (2)
  • Scorpion Alien (2)
  • Panther Alien (2)
  • Evac Fighter $20
  • Hovertread Vehicle (2)
  • Stinger XT-37
  • Micro Machines Playset $15
  • Micro Machines Collection #1 (2)
  • Micro Machines Collection #2 (2)
  • Micro Machines Collection #3
Predator $10 each
  • Spiked Tail KB repaint
  • Sacvage KB repaint
  • Renegade KB repaint
  • Stalker
  • Lasershot electronic (2) $15
  • Micro machines playset $15
Micro machines 3 pack
  • collection 1
  • collection 2
  • collection 3

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